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"Skull & Bones" Collar & Bracelet - ArgusCollar

"Skull & Bones" Collar & Bracelet


"Home is where the anchor drops" 

Product Details

  • Every dog collar comes with a matching friendship bracelet for you 
  • Packaged in our drawstring pouch bag ready to be gifted
  • Dog collar available in 7 sizes
  • Soft on your dog’s fur and your wrist
  • Crisp and bright colors
  • Made of PU animal friendly vegan leather

 Οδηγός Μεγέθους

Για την επιλογή του σωστού μεγέθους, παρακαλούμε μετρήστε την περίμετρο λαιμού του σκύλου, (Αν δεν έχετε μεζούρα μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε ένα κομμάτι σπάγκο και έναν χάρακα ή ένα μέτρο) και αποφασίστε σύμφωνα με τον παρακάτω πίνακα. Το βραχιόλι για εσάς διατίθεται σε ένα μεγεθος!

Αν ακόμη δεν μπορείτε να αποφασίσετε για το σωστό μέγεθος, στείλτε μας ένα email στο και θα χαρούμε να σας βοηθήσουμε!

Maintenance Tips

To keep your matching accessories looking brand new, we advise that you clean them with a dump cloth and then pat dry.

Our collars and bracelets are water resistant, however, we do not recommend that you wear them in the shower, pool or in the sea.

If your pup plays roughly with his friends, we recommend not to wear his ArgusCollar during these games! Our collars are not bite proof and will get damaged if a dog chews it. 

When not in use, we suggest that you keep your ArgusCollar someplace safe where your pup can't jump up and grab it. There is a risk that it might get chewed and damaged. 


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Based on 16 reviews
Molto apprezzato

Ho iniziato a collezionare tutti i motivi, le mie amiche lo vogliono comprare anche per i gatti XD

Ottimo prodotto e qualità

Veramante colori vivaci, avrei dato 5 se non fosse arrivato in ritardo

Grazie Giuseppe per il tuo risconto, anche se lo accettiamo di solito invitiamo a controllare bene l'indirizzo e il numero civico proprio per evitare che il pacco finisca indietro alle poste e poi bisogna riprogrammare la spedizione

Il mio batuffolo è perfetto!

Con questo io e il mio batuffolo machiamo perfattamente

Bel motivo


Molto bello il motivo

Il prodotto veramente ben fatto

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